Me NO Likey

For some weird and unexplainable reason, have I been too kind to this guy that he tagged me??? LOLs. Alright, for the spirit of everything evil, let me just tell you that the Philosophical Bastard made me do this:

You will never be able to make me try out food that's meant to be in the wild. No, not that poultry selection, but that 'exotic' fear factor style of cuisine! (like who would even dare?! I don't care if you would. but. not. me...) Frog, crocodile, snake, rat, whatever.. Me No likey!!!!

Hmm.. yes, I'm too common. I don't like 'durian'. Smell. End of discussion.

Argh! I used to be a vegetarian so... hmm.. oh I know! I don't like -what is it in english?- malunggay. It's not that I can't eat it, it's just that, no matter how much you chew your food well, it's simply 'indestructible'? It still comes out unscathed... ROFL!

I don't like pretend Gods. I don't like know it alls. I don't like mr./ms. all goody two shoes. I don't like backstabbers. I don't like stupid morons. Errr.. sorry... maybe I just don't like a lot of people? ahahhaha! (senseless)

I am always annoyed when I want to speak up but end up compromising or keeping it to myself in the end. (yes, I have a li'l devil inside.)

TV shows/movies:
Kokey. He's poop. I don't like him. LOLs! and I don't like movies that are based from a foreign one. Really, deadly, irritating much!

I hate those musics with someone growling like a devil munching on your soul. Rock music that's got no lyrics... or those that are too loud. Initially it's just because of that growl. Come on, that's not singing, right? Whatever!

Household chores:
Ironing clothes. What?! I find the iron too heavy. Duh, that sounded really stupid.

Thing/s around the world:
I don't like clowns. They're scary.

Thing/s about myself:
I'm disorganized. Jolly looking but depressed. Lakwatsera. In short, I'm a kid with the wrong age.

Now for the tag:
Percybhem, Yumi, Bratyfly, Sherma


queenbee said…
ni answer ko na po tag mo... *BIGGRIN*
Talamasca said…
Thank heavens you haven't put some extra thought into tagging me! Aside from my being meme allergic and all, I pretty much dislike the whole world to the point that this meme won't suffice to express it. ;-p
Anonymous said…
@percybhem LOLS.. nice!

@talamasca i have actually thought about it but i did realize that you hated the world you'd end up writing a litany of shitloads you love so much. ROFL! besides, you don't need a meme for it. haha!
sherma said…
waaaa! ni-tag mo nga ako... hahaha... kelan ko kaya ito magagawa? ang dami ko na ngang utang na tag din, eh...

clowns? hahaha... naalala ko, nung bata pa ako, takot ako kay ronald mcdonalds... kaya hindi ako natutuwa sa clowns... =)
p said…
durian is yummy. you should try it! sprinkle it with adobo sauce and it should be fine! Hail Kokey!
Anonymous said…
@sherma: oo, ni tag nga kita... LOL!

@paolo: shut up! good thing you didn't say you're a clown noh? ROFL!
Anonymous said…
oh i got tagged! wohooooo!
M0rN1nG & N!cE said…
your blog is nice. can we exchange links?

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