I Demand Change. Need I Say More?

Isn't this great? There I was attending a fraternity presentation while the rest of the blogging community speaks about their opinions regarding someone dying because of mishandled initiation. I admit I'm a part of a prestigious Fraternity and Sorority as well, but this post isn't about speaking in behalf of the different Fraternities out there, nor my own, and this entry isn't about condemning it either.

This alone is my own observation; I mean nothing more but to give every frat men out there and aspirant a little reminder with their actions.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)
Frequent Replies: (FR)

FAQ: Why join a fraternity and sorority?
FR: For camaraderie, brotherhood, friendship and service.

One of the many reasons that push an individual to join a certain organization is the thought of finding common threads of peers that would be loyal. The mere idea of becoming a brother gives you that strong bond, securing you of a family you can run to, a place where you are welcomed, a time to shine through service. A sense that the offer that you give for the organization is appreciated, therefore you become proud. In short, most of the aspirants that take part of these initiations are those that seek true friendship. A group to where he/she can say, “I belong.” Yes, it may sound a little silly, but the world is filled with lonely hearts, where appreciation and belongingness alone could relieve.

Testing the waters too isn’t recommended here. Once you’ve placed a foot in the first parts of the orientation, you’ll in the end realize that you’ve gone way too deep to back out now. This leaves you no other choice, but to proceed and show them that you do have enough guts to be one of them.

Believe me; more than just the physical pain that you get out of the traditional means of the initiation, what truly stings is the degrading feeling of your morale being pounded like rocks to sand while you undertake the different humiliation you’re said to face. The challenge of proving your guts, your confidence, and your will is what fuels you in wanting to finish.

What’s with hazing?
It’s a tradition, a challenge, a test.

It may sound morbid, silly, stupid, and everything else, the sense of using hazing as a tool of confirmation whether an aspirant is willed enough to continue is a tradition that had become really hard to evade. There had been a number of reconstructing policies, and an offer to follow an STP (standard training program or procedure) had been made, however, hazing still remains one of the abused means of initiation.

Although a chapter had agreed to these rules, you’ll never know what a member does to the aspirants. “Control” is what lacks in these frat men that often results to a tragic case.


My take on this issue:

I believe that the principles and policies of every Fraternity and Sorority out there are perfect. The mistake comes from every individual’s belief and ways. Some may agree to change the program, others sticks to the traditional means. In the end, these men whom are too proud carry their sticks most of the time forgetting what it is really for. Compassion, realization, the idea of responsibility and accountability to every action; these are the different thoughts one should consider before raising that stick and hitting another friend. Yes, my dear frat men, a friend, a soon to be brother/sister.

We are forgetting the real meaning of our principles. What are leadership, friendship and service? How do you harness that with pain? Let us think it over. Instead of focusing on battering an aspirant, why not indoctrinate them and let them realize the scene they are about to partake. Remember that being in the organization gives you a number of responsibilities, so ask them, are they ready for it? Trainings, seminars, service… these are the things that we should sharpen.


Trainings and seminars are for Leadership.

Fellowship and bonding through Friendship.

Reach out in Service.

Just like a parent, let us not forget that pain doesn’t always make these kids remember… it’s the sincere words of wisdom and the lessons thought that counts more than a spank or a slap.


If you are planning to join a fraternity or an organization, ponder on this Q&A, and wonder if you really are ready to say the pledge’s prayer.

FAQ: Why?
FR: There’s not to reason why, there’s not to make reply, there’s but to do or die. So help me God.

“But as long as you are a part of the institution, do not condemn it,

for if you do, the first high wind that comes along will blow you away.

And probably, you'll never know why.”

- Loyalty Pledge


Anonymous said…
Kahit kailan e hindi ako naging miyembro ng kahit ano'ng frat. Pero marami akong mga kaibigan na miyembro ng iba't-ibang fraternities at sororities.

Aware ako na kung tutuusin, maganda naman ang layunin ng mga ito. Bukod sa pagkakapatiran, may mga layunin din sila para sa kapaligiran at lipunang ginagalawan nila. Alam ko, dahil may mga kaibigan ako.

Ang hazing o ang anumang kahalintulad na "pisikal na pagsubok" siguro ang isa sa mga paraan para patunayang may ibubuga at karapat-dapat ang isang aspirant. 'Yun nga lang, marami sa mga organisasyon ang tipo bang lumalayo na sa totoong kahalagahan nito. At siyempre impluwensya na rin kagaya ng media na "bad 'yun."
Talamasca said…
I'm still surprised that at this day and age, fraternity deaths and frat wars are still semi-rampant. I thought these things only occur amongst those non-educated and delinquent gangsters in squatter areas and stuff? So how could some frat orgs that cater to supposedly educated people and all, let these things happen? They, of all people, should know that violence and hardcore initiation rights are not the doings of educated people. Screw 'em.

Anyway, you said that you're part of a sorority, so what did you do for your initiation rights? Ok that's a stupid question. I know you're not allowed to share that. Haha. ;-p
Anonymous said…
@jake: i also have a number of friends from different orgs. and we respect each other's belief. okay naman... :D

@tala: well, yes, it's very rampant. its actually right in your face without you noticing it.

what i did for my initiation? ahaha! yeah, that's another story. let's just say, change is really, badly needed...
Anonymous said…
Sis, may we always be.

Anonymous said…
@heneroso: but of course, bro! in LFS!

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