I did, i did! I did get the Golden Ribbon!

I wanted to make this a formal speech, but then again I'm just too excited. Oh well, finally for this week, I won Mr. Talksmart's Filipino Blog of the Week scheme. I had lots of fun and it was a close fight with my friendly competitors. haha! I really enjoyed this... especially the idea that proved my profile, "demands do get you somewhere." (To every one in my blogroll that i nagged and asked to vote, Thank you so much!)

Speaking of, the tension on breaking the tie the night of the proclamation: i would like to thank pandora: and vonep: . my last two votes!

Again, I'm very much delighted and this is one of the best welcome experience i'll never forget. You all became the best virtual friends that i enjoy sharing my life's pages with. Hopefully in some way, we'll all have time to meet personally. Let's continue the love in the blogosphere peeps!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my frequent voters from the blogroll! (to avoid missing out on anyone i won't do the list anymore, you all know who you are! lots of thanks!)

Of course, special thanks to my personal avid readers and the closest to my heart:

*Habibi: i know you're not allowed to use the net at work, but you tried to vote everyday anyway. thanks a lot, my love! I love you so much!

*Lestath: my newest fan! oh i know you love my posts that's why you're voting. nyhaahah! (kapal ko?) Salamat po!

*BBdoyz (lestath' sis): even though you're just using 'voting for me' as an excuse to be able to check your friendster, thanks na din...haha! love you best! : )

*Babeekoy: Thanks for voting amidst your hectic sched.
and of course, to the newest member of the blog world who gave some effort in campaigning for my blog in his entry, my dear brother, joshjasz! Thanks!

(to know more about these innovative competition, visit the Outbursts of a Composed Gentleman's site or click on the Golden Ribbon Award above.)

Thank you all again! You can continue supporting my blog if you're still interested, i'm still in the options for this week... Adios for now! God Bless!

Commentator speaks:

"Andianka's Wait, Who Said That?! would like to thank the following sponsors:
- her hands and feet for her hair and makeup.
- relief clothes for her wardrobe.
- blogspot for the homepage
- her brain for the stories and entries

and most of all... her alterego!"


itay said…

wow you really deserve the award!

thanks for the visit. link ka namin.
Anonymous said…
you're so welcome.. naka ilang vote din ako dun..;)

vote mo ulit ako today.. :)

Anonymous said…
aww. pa-hug. HAHA. LOL

you deserve it, sana pala nakilala kita bago tong week na to pra nakavote din ako. EHEHE. LOL.

mwahugs! congrats!
Riker said…
congrats there andianka!!
Anonymous said…
yea. congrats. binoto kita. :)

bout sa layout, gus2 mo pb mkita? nagawa ko kase sa proj ko. tgnan mo muna. :)

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