see who's moving...

guys, im sorry but me and myself is not working out so well together... i want this blog to be more informative and uplifting. so all rants from the brat and my negative side will now move to my other blog: Coffee Break Rants.
if you are looking for my love rants and all that, i've already moved it there. i apologize if i couldn't move your comments as well.
entries moved:
my other blog is just a reflection of this blog but of different view which is more connected to my confusing thoughts. drop by sometimes and drop a message. thanks! : )
i pasted my blogroll of friends there, so if its okay, please add it on your blogroll as well? you can put jadiebrat instead of andianka... thank you very much.


Unknown said…
hehe.. mag move para hindi ma torn..hehe..
Anonymous said…
aww.. kung san ka masaya, suportahan taka!

:) Mabuhay ka sis! mwaahaags!
Franco Dominico said…
oki sige po i'll check on that

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