Meet me and myself... : )

i have that artistic bliss... talk about getting married to an artist. *wake up girl you're daydreaming again!* What?! it's not like that's impossible! I am truly inlove and getting married *sure, but have you realized you're going off the topic?* Oh right, sorry about that...

Guys, meet my dual personality. Wasn't it obvious with my name? andianka/jadiebrat!

Here's a little intro:

*andianka* this my woman side. the one that's balancing everything out. you talk to her and all you get are serious stuff. straight faced with the chin up, makes this girl quite sophisticated and looking smart too.

*jadiebrat* well, she woudn't be called a brat if she isn't one. she's the little kid inside me. she's not all that bad you know! she's the happy go lucky type of kid. she finds fun in everything, and i mean everything. she laughs a lot. but beware. in this body she's the one holding all the extreme emotion. yup... from happy thoughts to heartbreaks, it's all in her. so when she starts asking for attention, give or suffer the tantrums.

however, these two personas always *well actually most of the time* contradicts each other in one way or another. not that andianka is always right, and jadiebrat is always wrong being the kid and all... it circles around you know.

funny thing too: i usually catch myself talking to myself. luckily i do not do that mumble a murmur thingy in public. they just might throw me in the loony. well, that's where i got my title anyway, coz i usually end up asking, "wait, who said that?!" oh right... the other me. nyahahha!

and being a Libra girl gives you that scale idea of balance. oh its hard to be me sometimes, but i wouldn't trade me for another body or personality.

anyways, im supposed to write a review for a depressing artist with a pitch black theme of painting and he wants me to make it sound hopeful... got any ideas people? i need deep words for this one, and a typical pattern on how to deliver a good artistic review. i consider the blogging world very creative so i know you'll all be a great help.

next time i'll tell you about my roles in the society im living in. hehehe...

ciao for now! : )


Anonymous said…
Hi Andianka or (Jadiebrat ...)
A very nice poetic article.
You are a little a kind of an artistic Dr. Jekkyl and Mr Hyde :)
Do you know ?
Anonymous said…
ahaha! nice observation... i'll keep that in mind! thanks JD! :D
Glenna said…
haha. ako din. i usually talk to myself. medyo grumpy kasi ako. haha.

gudluck para sa review na gagawin mo! :)

take care!
Anonymous said…
you have dual personalities? I have 4... my female energy hidden in strong yangenergy inside my embryo-personality flying in fantasy

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